California Destination Imagination (CALDI) is a volunteer-run organization, so we depend heavily on the efforts and energy of our volunteers . We receive support from over 2,000 volunteers annually, who help run our programs in free spaces like classrooms, living rooms, garages and auditoriums around the state.

DI Volunteers

Each year there are nearly 40,000 DI volunteers. Their  tireless support and countless hours of work to make Destination Imagination happen for teams around the world. From Team Managers to Officials, our organization is extraordinary due to our incredible volunteer base.

DI volunteers are the glue that holds the program together. DI Volunteers, with their talents and interests, add to the wonderful mix of our Challenges and opportunities. Our Volunteers work at virtually every level to power DI, from Appraisers to Tournament volunteers to webmasters.

Our volunteers recruit teams and Team Managers, they organize DI events and trainings, they run Affiliates, and they share their talents and interests through workshops for teams. They set up, run, help at, and clean up tournaments. Our volunteers keep the DI machine running smoothly. That heart for our teams and for each other is something that makes DI unique. At its core, this volunteerism establishes communities within each Affiliate, and also makes us a remarkable global community.

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Volunteer Roles

Below are some of the volunteer opportunities available to directly support students in your area.


Serve as a coordinator and mentor for two to four months as a team develops a unique solution to one of seven open-ended Challenges. Observe as they reach past their limits and experience the creative process.


Support Teams and Appraisers throughout the tournament to make it the best experience possible for students exhibiting their creativity.


Spend a day immersed in the celebration of teams as you provide feedback and encouragement for their creativity and innovative Challenge solutions.


If you would like to Volunteer or need more information,

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