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Our Program is a hands-on problem solving experience that inspires kids to be outrageously creative. Using STEAM, teams of students think outside the box and create unique solutions to one of seven different challenges in preparation for a FUN innovative competition. 

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Students work together in teams to generate ideas, research different topics, plan and build their challenge solutions. Team members have the opportunity to explore their curiosities and be creative, while building  teamwork, problem-solvingand critical thinking skills!

Our Program is 100% Kid Driven

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The Technical Challenge prompts students to complete tasks by using engineering research, strategic planning and related skills.
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Our Scientific Challenge blends the research and curiosity of science with the thrill and creativity of the theater arts.
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Our Engineering Challenge asks teams to design build and test load-bearing structures out of specific materials.
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In the Fine Arts Challenge, students flex their acting, research and artistic muscles as they create together.
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The Improvisational Challenge is all about spontaneity and storytelling. Teams receive topics and produce skits right on the spot.
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The Service Learning Challenge is designed to engage students in public service to address real-life community issues.
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To solve the Challenge,
K-2 children work together on performances that are complete with characters, props and scripts.
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Instant Challenge requires teams to engage in quick, creative and critical thinking.
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2019-20 Challenge



According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 65% of today’s students will be employed in jobs that have yet to be invented. Our Challenges allow students from pre-K through university to become part of a global community of confident creators and practice the essential skills needed to thrive in school, future careers and beyond. 

Throughout the process of solving a Challenge, participants learn invaluable life skills.​


We work every day to create a safe, fun environment so kids can have every opportunity to be successful in life. We have ZERO tolerance for inappropriate behavior of any kind, including child sexual abuse or misconduct.
California Destination Imagination continually updates and innovates robust safety policies, programs and training for staff and volunteers that are designed to protect young people from threats that are present in our society.


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The Destination Imagination (DI) Experience!

Destination Imagination (DI) is a global program that promotes problem solving, teamwork, and creativity in students. Teams of up to seven students choose a challenge to work creatively and collaboratively to find a solution. Teams present their team challenge solutions by performing a skit in front of an audience and appraisers. The team challenges emphasize Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). In addition, the DI experience exposes students to instant challenges that give students practice in rapid thinking, design, planning, and executing. In DI, the solution belongs to the team members and the team members alone. All ideas, scenery, scripts, and props are created by the team members. No one outside the team may help in any way with the solution to the challenge. Team members sign a contract prior to every tournament stating that the solution is theirs and no one outside the team helped. Rising Stars teams have modified guidelines for interference rules.

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