DI Support Forums


The DI Support Forums are online discussion groups provided for the volunteers who have administrative roles in the organization. These include Affiliate and Regional Directors, Tournament Directors, Training Directors, Challenge Masters etc.

Steps to join the DI Support Forums:

  1. Create an Account on ShopDI.org
  2. Be identified by your Affiliate Director as having one of the required administrative roles.
  3. Go to resource area login: http://www.diatlas.org/members/login.php
  4. Using the Coordinators & Director’s Log In, log in.
  5. On the left hand side of the Resource page,
    1. Under the “View DI Forums” button if it says new account or not yet linked etc. click there
    2. Click on whether you want e-mail info or not
    3. Click on Agree
    4. Click on Back to the resource page
    5. Go to step 7 below
  6. If your account is not yet linked, you will get a screen that will ask you to link your ShopDI account.
  7. Enter your ShopDI account and proceed to next step
  8. Select return to Resource Area
  9. From the resource screen click on the View DI Forums
  10. Select the challenge or area you wish to view.
  11. If you get a screen that says the you do not have the rights to view the content, chose the option to login. Login using your ShopDI Account.
  12. You will now be able to access the forums.
  13. The next time you visit, you will only need to login to the resource area (http://www.diatlas.org/members/login.php) and click on the forums.