2016 State Tournament

A happy team

April 2, 2016, Riverside Convention Center

Doors Open at 6:30 am
Closing Ceremony seating at 6:30 pm, Ceremony starts at 7:00 pm

Bulletins and Guides

Handouts and Forms

Maps and Directions


  • State Tournament Performance Schedule
    Please understand that it took our scheduler nearly 20 hours to complete this schedule in her efforts to accommodate the over 100 conflict requests out of nearly 250 teams.  With this in mind, there can be no changes made to the schedule.  Some teams must go early and some teams must go late, but in my experience, if your team has a strong challenge, it does not make a difference when they perform.  I have seen teams with all different start times advance to Global Finals.
  • Volunteer Schedules — Volunteers are asked to report to DI-Centeral (located on the west end of the top concourse just inside of the main entrance at bell tower) 15 minutes before assignment.