The best way to understand the Challenge is to read it over and over and over. Start with a complete read-through. Then break it down into parts. Read a section or even just a paragraph and have the team discuss it. What does it say? What is it asking the team to do? Are there any restrictions?

Look at the page that lists the points. What does the team have to accomplish in order to earn the points? Discuss each scoring element. Don’t assume, look at the wording. This can help the team understand the intent of the Challenge. Look at the Tournament Data form. This will also help the team understand what elements need to be included in their Challenge solution.

DI Challenges are meant to be solvable in many different ways: some simple, some complex. The restrictions are minimal. If the team has questions about whether something is OK to do, direct them to look at the Challenge. Does it say they can’t do it? If it doesn’t say they can’t, then they can. This is a prime directive of DI.

If the team still can’t decide whether they understand the Challenge correctly, they can use the clarification process to ask the International Challenge Masters their question. The ICMs will answer their question and cite the specific part of the written Challenge that addresses their concern. Clarification requests must be submitted by January 31st!