Experience says that idea generation takes more than one meeting so here’s a chance to remind the team about the importance of research.

Good ideas often get rejected later in the process because teams have a narrow view of what’s possible. I believe that the more you know, the more creative you can be. The quickest way to know more is to do research.

Assign a little homework and have team members visit a library, search online or ask adults who can help them (without interfering, of course) during the week to find out something about any of the following:

  • Art Styles
  • Places of Interest
  • Theater Productions
  • Sound Effects
  • Simple Machines
  • Structures
  • History of Transportation
  • Construction Techniques Such as Sewing and Woodwork
  • Sources for Uncommon Materials
  • Musical Instruments
  • Basic Electricity and Chemistry

Just knowing that there are ways to learn about topics that may interest them opens up possibilities that otherwise would be passed over when it comes to next week’s topic: focus.

Reminder: Have you recruited your Appraiser(s)? [Check your region’s requirements]