Welcome to California Creativity’s Team Manger’s Corner. Being a Team Manager  (TM) can be overwhelming and a little isolating so we’ve gathered some hints and tips written by experienced Silicon Valley TMs Alan Orcutt and Lauren Bird-Wiser to help you get through this unique experience. Note: this is not the place to ask for Challenge clarifications – that process is outlined in the Rules of the Road. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Team Resources page to find out all sorts of things you never imagined you wanted to know until now. Let’s get going! The articles are arranged in order starting at the beginning of the DI season and progressing through to the State Finals Tournament.
  1. Letting Loose Creativity
  2. Focus on Team Building
  3. Creativity from Chaos
  4. How Do I Teach Creativity When I’m Not Creative?
  5. Learning about DI
  6. Picking the Challenge
  7. Understanding the Challenge
  8. Generating Ideas
  9. Research
  10. Focusing on a Solution
  11. Materials
  12. Tool and Material List
  13. Transitions
  14. Frustration
  15. Team Choice Elements and the Improv Challenge
  16. Instant Challenge Teamwork
  17. Practice, Practice, Practice
  18. Three weeks before your tournament
  19. Two weeks before your tournament: Panic!!!!?
  20. One week before your Tournament: the Calm before the Storm
  21. After the Tournament
  22. One week after your Regional tournament: State Finals?
  23. Two weeks after your Regional tournament: Global Finals?!?
  24. So your team’s season is finished. Now what?