IC Basics

The Instant Challenge portion of the DI competition is a chance for your team to show off its creative problem solving skills as they work together and “think on their feet” to solve a problem.


A team is a group of people, united by a common culture and purpose, who are cooperating to achieve quality results.

IC Training Plan

A guide to help you teach your Team IC skills
while having FUN!

IC Skills

A common vocabulary, skills and materials will allow your team to to solve Instant Challenge more easily. ​​

Training for Performance ICs

Help in Teaching your Team about Performance based ICs.

Training for
Task ICs

Help in Teaching your Team about Task based ICs.

Rising Stars!

A whole set of Instant Challenges just for Rising Stars Teams.

ICs by Type

Need to work on a specific type of IC with your Team?

Even More ICs

So many ICs all in one place for you to choose from!

IC Links

Links to other websites with even more
ICs to try with your Team.

IC Tournament Prep

Despite months of practice, nerves may cause a Team to forget everything they have learned. Try to prepare using these tips and advice.