Thank You For Volunteering to be an Appraiser!

To ensure teams are scored fairly, we require each team to provide a Volunteer Appraiser for tournament day. The Appraiser will need to be available for this role all day so there is consistent scoring. The teams, and your children, have worked too hard not to be appraised fairly. and we can not run a Tournament without trained Appraisers!


On February 29th, 2020 The Waves to Region will celebrate creativity at our Regional Destination Imagination Tournament! There you will see a world created entirely by students who did not know it could be done, and Solutions to problems never before seen! If this is your first time to appraise, we welcome you and thank you! Relax, learn and enjoy! If you have appraised in the past, we very much appreciate your continuing support!


A volunteer who goes through our comprehensive training is called an appraiser. This person will volunteer as an appraiser on the day of the Regional Tournament. Every team is required to provide one volunteer. The volunteer appraiser will be trained for a specific role and help with a specific Challenge. The volunteer might score teams, introduce them, process their paperwork, help in the score room, or usher teams to their sites. For a glimpse into the Challenges that the teams compete in click here. Teams who do not provide a volunteer will not be scored at the Tournament and may not move on to the State Tournament.


• MUST attend training in their Region.  
• MUST be at least 18 years old            
• MUST no longer be in high school       
• MUST be available the entire time on  
Tournament day (7am-5pm)  
• Appraisers WILL NOT be able to        
watch the team that they volunteer for.
• Team managers cannot be appraisers

Two Day Commitment *

Feb 8, 2020

8:00 - 10:00 – New Appraisers -
(Registration starts at 7:00)

10:00 - 12:00 ish– All Appraisers -
Challenge Specific Training

Before training you will receive an email about Appraiser Training.from your Challenge Master
Please review the materials your Challenge Master has emailed to you BEFORE Training.*

Feb 29, 2020

You will NOT be able to see your child perform at the Tournament. Ask someone to record the Team's presentation for you to view and share the FUN!

Teams who do not provide a volunteer will not be scored at the Tournament and may not move on to the State TournamentTeams who change their appraiser after January 15th will incur a $50 fee.

Links to Important information – Tools to help you determine your preferences

                 1. – Previews of Team Challenges 

                  2. –Appraiser Team Positions       

                  3. – What Is Instant Challenge?   

Please accept your appointment and register on MyCALDI BEFORE Dec 1st! – 


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