Interactive Tournament Forms

Forms needed for the Tournament


1 Copy of release form for each person over 18 in your group  Permissions_for_over_18

1 Copy of release for for each person under 18 in your group Permissions_for_under_18

2 Copies of Declaration_of_Independence one for IC and one for the Central Challenge.

1 Copy of Expense_Report and receipts.

Bring 6 copies of the Team’s Central Challenge forms… it used to be 5 but is now 6.

Pop Up – Early_Learning_Starry_Showcase_Form

Monster Effects – Engineering_TDF

Game On –18-19_Fine_Arts_TDF

On Target – 1Technical_TDF

Escape Artists – Service__Learning_TDF

Medical Mystery – Scientific_TDF

Heads Up – Improvisational_TDF