The Silicon Valley DI Team-supplied Appraiser Requirement is based on the California Affiliate Appraiser Policy.

All teams participating in California Destination Imagination’s Silicon Valley Regional Tournament must provide at least one Appraiser identified by California DI as passing a Level 2 Sterling Volunteers Background Check, and one Official to participate in the Regional Tournament.

This year (2020-21) ALL California Regional events, Tournaments and the State Tournament will be Virtual. Therefore, the California Affilate Appraiser Policy is being altered for this year only. Teams will NOT be required to supply a Tournament Official, but are still required to provide an Appraiser.

NEW Team Provided Appraiser OPTION for 2020-21 Silicon Valley Region DI Teams!

This year, SV Region Teams are encouraged to recruit new teams so more students in our Region can participate and benefit from the Destination Imagination program. The Regional Operating Committee appreciates your assistance and wants to reward your successful efforts by removing the “Team Provided Appraiser” Requirement for your team and the new teams recruited by your team.

When someone associated with your team’s 2020-21 Team Number recruits a new Team Manager who purchases a 2020-21 Team Number and Registers a team for the Silicon Valley Region Tournament, send an Email with your Team Number and the New Team Manager’s Name to Mary Jane Campbell via

To “Thank You” for your assistance with growing our Region, we will provide a Volunteer Appraiser for your Team Number and the new Team Manager’s Team Number. SV Volunteer Appraisers will Register and serve as the Team Provided Appraiser for your teams for the SV Regional Tournament and the California State Tournament.