Silicon Valley Regional Tournament

March 2, 2019 Tournament Location

Crittenden Middle School

Crittenden Middle School
1701 Rock Street
Mountain View, CA 94043

  • 2019 Tournament Results:  Scores and Special Awards 
  • Regional Tournament Site Restrictions
  • Tournament Site Map 
  • Tournament Schedule 
  • Tournament Walk-through Slide Deck
  • Rising Stars! Early Learning Tournament Walk-though Slide Deck
  • See the Forms page for paperwork teams need to fill out.
  • Tournament Official Schedule 
    • Tournament Officials Check-In about 10 minutes before the scheduled Tournament Official Assignment Start Time.
    • Teams are responsible for ensuring someone, over the age of 18, fulfills the team’s Tournament Official Assignment for the entire Time Scheduled. If the team’s Registered Tournament Official is not available for the Tournament Official Assignment, the team must provide a replacement to fulfill the Tournament Official Assignment at the Time Scheduled. The replacement Tournament Official must Check-In at Tournament Official Check-In 15 minutes before the Scheduled Start Time.
    • Tournament Officials are required to provide a printed, completed, and signed copy of the Adult Media Release Form. Send completed and signed forms to:

    Mary Jane Campbell
    Silicon Valley Regional Director
    3681 Kendra Way
    San Jose, CA 95130-1330

  • For everyone’s Safety, Tournament Officials cannot be responsible for children during their assigned Tournament Official time. Please make plans ahead of time so your children are cared for while you are fulfilling the Tournament Official Assignment for your team.
  • Contact Mary Jane Campbell with questions or if your team’s Registered Tournament Official has not received an e-mail message regarding their Tournament Official Assignment and Time by March 1, 2018.
  • California State Tournament Invitation
    • Registration for teams invited to advance to the California State Tournament must be completed at and the $250 California State Tournament fee paid by March 9, 2019. 
    • All teams that compete in the California State Tournament MUST provide a Trained and Experienced Appraiser to serve as an Appraiser and an Official to fill an assigned task for up to 3 hours at the State Tournament.


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