The 2019-20 Destination Imagination Roadmap is designed to help you manage your team, and this one is organized by topics.

  • Introduction
  • Educational Foundations
  • Guiding Your Team
  • Interference
  • Instant Challenges
  • Skills for Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Facilitating for Successful Teamwork
  • Project Management

Familiarize yourself with the Roadmap and then select appropriate material from the various sections to meet the needs of your team throughout the DI season.  Additional thoughts and tips on utilizing the 2019-20 DI Roadmap can be found on the DIHQ Blog New Roadmap Resource for Team Managers.

The 2016-17 Destination Imagination Roadmap is set up Lesson Plan style. Both contain the same information in different formats. Please feel free to use the one that works best for you.


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