The Instant Challenge (IC) Workshop is a wonderful opportunity for teams to have FUN solving multiple Instant Challenges. Not all teams or team members are able to participate, and many teams like to try solving them again.

Below are links to the various Instant Challenges that Ivy and Alan Orcutt created and provided for teams to solve at previous Silicon Valley Instant Challenge Workshops. Please use them as a resource to provide your teams with additional Instant Challenge practice.

We appreciate Ivy and Alan sharing their expertise and talents with us. Every year they design Challenges that are FUN for the teams to solve and prepare them well for the Instant Challenge part of the tournament.

To prepare your teams for the official format and style of Instant Challenges they will receive at the tournament, please use the Practice Instant Challenges that are provided in the Documents section of the Resource Area for Team Managers at The Instant Challenges we develop for the IC Workshop focus on the content of the Challenge rather than the official Destination Imagination format and wording.

Enjoy your teams and practicing Instant Challenge! We look forward to seeing you and your team at the Silicon Valley Regional Tournament.

Instant Challenges designed for Non-competitive Rising Stars!
At the Park
Checkers Sticks Spools
Foamy Heights
Save Tubes
Float Your Boats
Go Get ‘Em
Let It All Hang Out
Team Rope Wrangling
Teamwork and Tools
Stretch It
Bean Stalk
Weather In the Garden
Acting the Parts
Acting the Parts Cards
On The Cans
Tilted Tower
Cup Capture

Instant Challenges designed for teams solving a Team Challenge Competitively
Animal Masks
Posted Weights
Straws Pebbles Clips
Swing It Across
Guided Fall
Put A Cork In It
Voice-Controlled Gadget
Many Bridges
Ball Barrier
Beginning and End of the Journey
On The Cans
Bungee Jump
Tilted Tower
Too Many Chickens
Knock It Off
Let It All Hang Out