For the Silicon Valley Region, Regional Officials MUST be over the age of 18 years, no longer in High School, and available to complete a 3-hour Regional Official Assignment at the Silicon Valley Regional Tournament on March 7, 2020.

Each adult over the age of 18 serving as a Regional Official must submit a Media Release Form electronically by February 15, 2020. 

Regional Officials must complete the Destination Imagination Youth Protection Policy (YPP) Training prior to the day of the tournament. On tournament day, Officials Check-In at least 15 minutes before their Regional Official Assignment Start TimeRegional Officials serve in roles that support teams and Regional Appraisers throughout the tournament to make it the best experience possible for teams presenting Challenge solutions.

For everyone’s Safety, Regional Officials cannot be responsible for children during their Regional Official Assignment TimePlease plan ahead so children are cared for while your team’s Regional Official fulfills their assignment.

Potential Regional Official Assignments include Door Monitor, Site Set-up, Site Clean-Up, Posting Signs, Check-In, Information, Loading Zone Monitor, Instant Challenge Assistant, and other similar tasks needed to help the tournament run smoothly.

The Silicon Valley DI Team-supplied Regional Official Requirement is based on the California Affiliate Appraiser Policy.

Teams advancing to the Affiliate Finals Tournament must provide an adult to serve as the team-supplied Official. The State Tournament Official must be available to serve a 3-hour Official assignment at the California Affiliate Tournament on April 4, 2020.