John Cardosi

Or send a check made out to “Cal DI – Silicon Valley Region” to the Affiliate Accountant, Rosemary Bognar at 14843 Priscilla Street, San Diego, CA  92129  with the earmark “John Cardosi Memorial Fund”

The John Cardosi Memorial Fund has been established to honor the memory of John Cardosi and his tireless efforts to make the Destination Imagination (DI) program available to all students in the Silicon Valley Region.  John always went the extra mile to recruit and encourage new schools and groups to provide the DI program to their students. He was instrumental in getting many families involved with the DI program and contributed to the development of new teams.  John wanted every student to have the opportunity to learn the life skills team members gain by participating in DI.  Please consider making a donation so we can continue John Cardosi’s outreach and vision of making the Destination Imagination program available and affordable for all students in the Silicon Valley Region.

John’s May 13, 2014 passing left a huge void in our community.  If you would like to volunteer to help carry on John’s work, contact our Regional Director.  We welcome you to join us as we continue John’s work in the Silicon Valley Region of California.

John was the recipient of the Destination Imagination Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award in 2006 and 2014.  He could have easily received it every year for his exceptional Spirit and countless hours of service.  Read more about the award and John’s dedication as a Destination Imagination volunteer below.

Destination Imagination
Spirit of Discovery & Imagination Award 
For exceptional Spirit, Teamwork, Volunteerism and Sportsmanship 

From its very beginning, Destination Imagination has been a community. The recipients of this award are the ones who go out of their way to help others, making sacrifices not for themselves, but to give something to someone else. We recognize and applaud these members of our community who demonstrate outstanding and extraordinary levels of sportsmanship, volunteerism and spirit, be they Team Managers, Team Members, Officials or other helpful DI friends and volunteers.

This award is given in recognition of those who act as superior role models in the areas of spirit, sportsmanship, and volunteerism.

John Cardosi 
2014 Spirit of Discovery & Imagination Recipient
Silicon Valley Region 

The recipient of this award has gone out of his way for many years to make our creative problem solving program available to as many students as possible in our Region and Affiliate. This year, he told us he was “cutting back” on what he usually did. So this year, rather than doing all of the things he has in the past, John “cut back” on what he does for our Region by finding locations, scheduling, providing materials for, and presenting at:

  • All of the Information Nights
  • All of the new Team Manager Training sessions
  • Instant Challenge Training sessions for Team Managers
  • Instant Challenge Workshop
  • Team Manager Walkthrough
  • Appraiser Training sessions

Additionally, John:

  • Hosted all of the Structure Test sessions for teams
  • Trained and mentored our new Tournament Director, Kathy Broquard
  • Mentored and supported two new Regional Challenge Masters
  • Scheduled and presided over our monthly Regional Operating Committee meetings
  • Dealt with a myriad of Regional and Affiliate issues involving
  • Team Managers, teams, Volunteers, Appraisers, sites, and parents.

Tonight, we would like to recognize and applaud John for his outstanding volunteerism and service. He is a superior role model for all Volunteers, and we are fortunate to have him as our Regional Director!

John Cardosi 
2006 Spirit of Discovery & Imagination Recipient
Silicon Valley Region

John Cardosi has been a team manager for the past 8 years — from “Environmental Challenge” through “How’d tHAT Happen?,” he has shared the joys and frustrations of his team.  He’s survived a major paint spill in the family SUV, and a team member blowing up a spray paint can with a hammer.  Another team member spent a whole meeting removing commas and extra spaces from the script to make it shorter.  He’s rented trucks to get his team’s Challenge solutions to tournaments.   He’s watched his team make the same mistakes every single year and watched them make incredible breakthroughs.  Mostly, he’s watched them grow up.

One of the things John’s team appreciates most about him is his infectious laugh.  At any Tournament, they know that at least one audience member will be laughing at all their jokes, even if he’s heard them 150 times before.

Someday John should write a book about being a Team Manager, and include some of his famous quotes:

“The best part about being Team Manager is that I know where my daughter is and I know who her friends are.”

“You just never know what any given Appraisal team is going to think is creative.”

“It’s a whole lot easier when you’ve got a supportive group of parents like these.”

And my favorite:  “It is almost impossible to commit interference with a Middle school team – they just don’t listen!”

But that’s not all. In addition to being a Team Manager and working full time, John has generously given his time to help the larger DI community.  He has literally gone the extra mile to introduce the DI program to schools around our region and help them get started in this creative problem solving program.  He has been active in every kind of training the region offers —  IC festival, Appraiser Training and Team Manager training.  In fact John has trained many, if not most of the Team Managers here tonight.

John has been an invaluable resource for Regional teams going to Global Finals, helping them with fundraising ideas, travel tips, designing Regional pins and answering numerous questions and concerns that they have.   John stepped up once more this year to fill the position of Regional Director, and he still found time to organize the Volunteer Schedule and the Slide Show for our tournament.  John Cardosi has demonstrated a commitment to creative problem solving of the highest order, and for that we proudly award John Cardosi The Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award.