Question:  Who can be a California Destination Imagination Appraiser?
Answer: Any adult who meets all of the following qualifications:

  • Is over the age of 18 and no longer in high school.
  • Orders and is identified by California DI as passing a Level 2 Sterling Volunteers (a.k.a. Verified Volunteers) Background Check.
  • Successfully completes the Destination Imagination on-line Youth Protection Policy (YPP) Training.

 Adults may volunteer to be an Appraiser without being affiliated with a team by registering as an Independent Appraiser.  Team-provided Appraisers will use the Team Number for the team they are associated with when they Register. The Primary Team Manager for a SVDI team may NOT serve as an Appraiser at the SVDI Regional Tournament.

Question: How do I Register to be an Appraiser for a California DI Tournament?
Answer: All Appraisers Register at My CalDI. Your My CalDI Portal will provide guidance and links so you can order the Level 2 Background Check from Sterling Volunteers (a.k.a. Verify Volunteers) and electronically sign the Destination Imagination Volunteer Code of Conduct.  All California Appraisers must attend Appraiser Training each year to be certified as trained by a Regional Challenge Master.

Question:  When is Appraiser Training?
Answer: This year, all Silicon Valley Region Appraisers will complete on-line training modules prior to the required face-to-face training on February 1, 2020

Question:  What is the role of a Destination Imagination Appraiser?
Answer: The Destination Imagination program offers teams of students an opportunity to solve open-ended Challenges.  At tournaments, Appraisers provide scores and feedback to teams based on the solutions they present to Team Challenges and Instant Challenges.

Question:  How does a Destination Imagination Appraiser provide feedback?
Answer: At a tournament, Appraisers give qualitative and quantitative feedback to the teams via interviews, sticky notes, and numerical scores.  An Appraiser’s mantra for scoring is to award all the points each team earns, while maintaining a level playing field for all teams.

Question:  Why is the role of a Destination Imagination Appraiser important?
Answer: The quantitative scores the Appraisers assign to the various scoring elements of the Challenge are based on the Challenge requirements.  Each Appraiser’s scores are important and help determine the overall scores for competitive teams. These overall scores determine placement for each level of each Challenge. Teams are invited to advance to the next level of competition, based on their placement.  For most teams, the Regional Tournament is a capstone event for the program year — a time to celebrate what they accomplished.  So the qualitative feedback Appraisers give to teams at the tournament is extremely important.

Question:  How many Appraisers are needed for a tournament?
Answer: We need 125-150 Appraisers to run the Silicon Valley Regional Tournament. The exact number of Appraisers needed depends on the number of teams registered to compete in each level of the Team Challenges. It is best to have a balance of experienced and inexperienced Appraisers. Each year, Silicon Valley is fortunate to have 25-40 experienced Appraisers that are not associated with a team return to Appraise at our tournament.  About ten of these accept the responsibility to serve as Regional Challenge Masters.

 Question:  Why are teams required to supply a trained Appraiser for the Silicon Valley tournament in California?
Answer: We believe in teamwork. In order to provide teams with the qualitative and quantitative feedback they deserve, we need to recruit 100-125 Appraisers for our tournament each year. When each team that participates in our Regional Tournament provides one Appraiser, we share the responsibility for locating the Volunteers needed to give valuable feedback to teams participating in the Regional tournament. Our Regional Operating Committee team consists of Volunteers who serve on the Regional Board and as Regional Challenge Masters. We depend on a multitude of Volunteers to provide the Destination Imagination program and tournaments to students in our Region.  When each team provides one Appraiser for the Regional Tournament, we can focus our time and energy on the other things required to provide and grow the Destination Imagination program in Silicon Valley.

Question:  How does an Appraiser learn how to give appropriate feedback to teams at a tournament?
Answer: Silicon Valley Regional Appraisers are trained on two successive Saturday mornings. Appraiser Training on the first Saturday morning covers material for new Appraisers unfamiliar with appraising a Destination Imagination tournament. Experienced Appraisers receive instructions on what they need to do to acquire a “Golden Ticket Pass” and be excused from the first morning of training.  All Appraisers attend training on the second Saturday morning. The second Saturday morning training session covers material new for this program year.

Question:  Can the team-supplied Appraiser see their student’s Team Challenge Presentation on the day of tournament?
Answer: Team-supplied Appraisers for competitive Team Challenges will not be able to appraise their child’s team. Appraisers are not allowed to leave their Appraiser responsibilities to go see their child’s Team Challenge Presentation.  We encourage teams to have a parent designated as the team Videographer at the tournament.  This enables the team and their families to view the team’s Team Challenge Presentation and celebrate together after the tournament.

Question:  Can the Team Manager be the team-supplied Appraiser?
Answer:  Silicon Valley teams are required to have at least one Team Manager that is 18 years or older, no longer in high school, is identified by California DI as passing a Level 3 Verified Volunteers Background Check, and is Registered as the Team Manager for the team’s  unique Team Number. If your team has more than one Team Manager Registered for the team with a My CalDI Portal that meets all of these qualifications, then one may be the team-designated Appraiser. The other one will be responsible for the team at the tournament.

Question:  If the team advances to the State Tournament, can the team-supplied Appraiser be different?
Answer: Teams advancing to the California State Tournament must supply one trained and experienced Appraiser that is Registered as an Appraiser and identified by California DI as passing a Level 2 Verified Volunteers Background Check and the DI YPP Training to serve at the California State Tournament. This Appraiser must be trained and experienced with the Challenges and materials for the current Destination Imagination program year. When the team registers for the California State Tournament, the Team Manager will identify the team-supplied Appraiser for the California State Tournament. The team-supplied Appraiser that was trained and Appraised at the Silicon Valley tournament meets this qualification.  However, if this Appraiser is not available to appraise at the California State Tournament, the team needs to locate another Appraiser that meets the requirement.

Question:  If the team advances to the Global Tournament, is the team required to provide a trained and experienced Appraiser? 
Answer:  No, the California State Tournament is as far as the California Appraiser Policy extends.  Teams advancing to Global Tournament do not need to provide Appraisers or Officials.  The team’s only responsibility is registering on time, making travel arrangements for the team and the Team Challenge solution, and enjoying their trip to Kansas City, Missouri.

Question:  Where is the complete California Destination Imagination Appraiser Policy posted?
Answer: The official California Destination Imagination Appraiser Policy and Procedures is part of the California Destination Imagination Bylaws & Policies.

Question:  I am confused and have additional questions.  What do I do?
Answer: Please contact the Silicon Valley Regional Director, Mary Jane Campbell, at rd-sv@caldi.