To obtain electronic access to the Destination Imagination Program Materials, you will need your unique Team Number and Order Number.  Destination Imagination Challenge Program Team Numbers are available through the DI Store.

Team Managers gain access to digital copies of the materials via the DI HQ Registration system.

  1. Team Managers LOGIN to the Resource Area at If you do not have an account, click the “WELCOME” tab and select “Create New Account.”
  2. Go to the “TEAMS” tab and select “MY TEAMS.”
  3. Click the “ADD TEAM” button in the “ACTIONS” pane.
  4. Enter your Team Number and Order Number, or the Team Number and Purchasers Zip Code. Then click, “ADD TEAM MANAGER.” This associates the Team Number with your Team Manager Account.
  5. Click on the pencil icon next to your team’s listing to get to the “EDIT YOUR TEAM” page.
  6. Select your team’s CHALLENGE LEVEL and then select a TEAM CHALLENGE using the corresponding drop-down menus. Rising Stars Team Numbers only have access to the Non-competitive Team Challenge. Click “SAVE.”
  7. Click the “VIEW” button in the “VIEW DIGITAL CHALLENGE” pane. This allows you to preview the full Team Challenge you selected. If you want to view another Team Challenge, select it from the “CHALLENGE” drop-down menu and click “SAVE.” Then click the “VIEW” button in the “VIEW DIGITAL CHALLENGE” pane. You may change your team’s Team Challenge selection multiple times. Your team may do this as many times as necessary to make your final Team Challenge selection until your Regional Registration close date.
  8. Team decides on the Team Challenge they plan to present a solution to at a tournament.
  9. Use the “DOCUMENTS” tab to “VIEW” additional DI Program Materials — RoadmapRules of the Road, Interactive Tournament Data Forms, Practice Instant Challenge Set, etc.

Throughout the DI season, various documents will be added to the Documents area.  The Interactive Tournament Data Forms for each Team Challenge are in this area now, and the Travel Guide for Teams will be available in January.

Remember, in order to be scheduled for the Silicon Valley Regional Tournament, Team Managers must Complete the Registration for their team in the California Registration System at and Pay the Silicon Valley Regional Fee of $200 by January 15, 2019


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