The Silicon Valley DI Team-supplied Appraiser Requirement is based on the California Affiliate Appraiser Policy.

All teams participating in California Destination Imagination’s Silicon Valley Regional Tournament must provide at least one Appraiser identified by California DI as passing a Level 2 Verified Volunteers Background Check, and one Official to participate in the Regional Tournament.

The Appraiser will be trained by the Region to meet California DI standards as described in the California Creativity Appraiser Policy posted in the Bylaws & Policies section of the California Destination Imagination website.

All SVDI Appraisers will be required to complete the DI Youth Protection Policy (YPP) Training and other On-Line Training Modules prior to the face-to-face training on February 1, 2020. Registered SVDI Appraisers will receive additional details about the Appraiser Training and links to the On-Line Appraiser Training Modules as soon as they are available.

Regional Officials only need to complete the on-line DI YPP Training prior to the day of the tournament.  

The Appraisers FAQs link provides additional information. Each adult over the age of 18 serving as a Team Manager, Co-Team Manager, Regional Appraiser, or Regional Official must submit a Media Release Form electronically by February 15, 2020.

All teams that accept the invitation to compete in the Affiliate Finals Tournament must provide one trained and experienced Appraiser and one Official. The team provided Appraiser must be trained and experienced with the Challenges and materials for the current Destination Imagination program year and identified by California DI as passing a Level 2 Verified Volunteers Background Check.

Appraisers meet the trained and experienced requirement for the California Destination Imagination Affiliate Tournament by attending SVDI Appraiser Training and Appraising at the SVDI Regional Tournament on March 7, 2020. No additional training is required prior to the Affiliate Tournament. 

The California Affiliate Tournament is scheduled for April 4, 2020 in Riverside, California.