“You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”                                                                                      — Walt Disney

 Non -profit educational programs are not successful without people committed to making their goals a reality. California Destination Imagination Silicon Valley Region is administered entirely by Volunteers. Regional Operating Committee Officers and members, Challenge Masters, Team Managers, Appraisers, and Officials are all Volunteers. We appreciate the dedication and many hours of service donated by all of our Volunteers. Without you,  Destination Imagination is only a dream. It requires a village of Volunteers to administer the Destination Imagination program and make it a reality. Volunteers give a tremendous amount of time and energy to help empower students with the life skills they need to change the world and ensure it is a wonderful place to live. Thank SVDI Volunteers for making it possible for students to dream, create, design and build each year! 

We are blessed in the Silicon Valley Region to have a dedicated group of community members with diverse backgrounds support our Region and Regional events each year. We are also fortunate to have Destination Imagination Alumni who Volunteer after graduating high school and college to serve in leadership positions. Their many years of experience with the Destination Imagination (DI) program, and their unique experience as team members, brings a valuable perspective to new and experienced DI Volunteers. 

Adults over the age of 18, and no longer in High School, can serve as Volunteers for Regional events and for DI teams. Every team needs at least one Team Manager to work with them throughout the year, as well as an Appraiser and Tournament Official to assist at our Regional Tournament.

To Volunteer or learn more, contact one of the members of the Silicon Valley Destination Imagination Regional Operating Committee