San Joaquin Valley Region

Growing Destination Imagination in the San Joaquin Valley and Beyond

We are on a mission to grow DI in the San Joaquin Valley!

Destination Imagination seeks to develop the next generation of leaders and innovators with a powerful program that emphasizes creativity and critical thinking through hands-on, project-based learning. It’s STEAM-based challenges encourage kids to think independently and creatively as a team to research, design, and present a solution to their chosen challenge at our regional tournament.


The San Joaquin Valley Region is one of 4 regions that make up the California Destination Imagination Affiliate. We serve the Central Valley and Central Coast areas of our state. Our region continues to grow, reaching out to students in public schools, private schools, parochial schools, home schools and other organizations located within our Region.

Join Us!

The San Joaquin Valley Region has a Regional Operating Committee (ROC), Challenge Masters and Committee Members who volunteer their time for Destination Imagination.  We have openings on our ROC, Challenge Master positions, and Tournament committees.  We always need volunteers to help us provide training, host events, and promote Destination Imagination. Contact us if you would like to volunteer. Additional information can be found at our international website ( and our California website (