Regional Operating Committee

Michelle Piotrowski Regional Director

Michelle Piotrowski
Regional Director


I am Michelle Piotrowski. I Have been involved in Destination Imagination for 12 years now. My first role was as a team manager for my kids team and I was hooked. As a team manager I taken teams to state finals and Global Finals. From there I have the opportunity to be a Regional Challenge Master, Appraiser, State Appraiser, Global Official/Appraiser, and have served on the California State Board. Four years ago I added Regional Director to the list. I cannot explain how blessed I feel to be given the opportunity to work with this program. It has changed my life as well as my families. Destination Imagination is a great program.



Tournament Director Steve Downs

Christopher Piotrowski Treasurer

Christopher Piotrowski

Melanie Stumpf Training Director

Melanie Stumpf
Training Director

Crystal Piotrowski Merchandise

Crystal Piotrowski
Secretary Merchandise

Maurice Bonetto

Maurice has been involved in Destination Imagination since its inception in various roles.  He has been a school coordinator, team manager, appraiser, volunteer, and parent.  He is currently a teacher at Valley Oak Elementary School in Clovis Unified.

Regional Challenge Masters 2015 – 2016

Richard & Sharon Kissel Instant Challenge

Richard & Sharon Kissel
Instant Challenge


Richard and Sharon Kissel have been involved in Destination Imagination since its beginning. Over the years they moved from appraising long-term challenges to becoming Instant Challenge Challenge Masters. They have thrived in the “Dark Side” and often exhort others to join them…


Christopher Piotrowski Regional Challenge Master Technical (A)

Christopher Piotrowski
Technical (A)

Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman – Scientific (B)



Fine Arts (C)  – Kim Dyck


Improv (D)  – Burke & PJ Jones

Bill Robinson

Structure (E)  – Bill Robinson




Rising Stars (RS)  &  Project Outreach (PO) – Cheri Adams & Rose Freeman

John Piotrowski

Scoremaster  – John Piotrowski