Welcome to Destination Imagination Region ONE

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We're Going to Globals

Congratulations to the following stupenDIous teams for qualifying for Global Finals 2019!! 

On TargetFlying PhysksEL3rd PlacePunita
Medical MysteryDon’t BreatheEL2nd PlaceBrandy
Heads UpInsert Team Name HereSL1st PlaceWinters
Escape ArtistsThe Mighty EnchiladasEL1st PlaceEureka
Escape Artists

Rise Up


3rd Place


Thank you so much!

We can’t express the pride and gratitude we have for all the teams that participated this year. You should all be very proud of the work you did and the solution to your challenges. We hope you all decide to stay involved in the program in some way and if you made it onto State, we are rooting for you! 

What is DI?

Region ONE  services the greater Sacramento Area. We believe in Outrageous New Experiences and we LOVE working to facilitate a program that allows children to explore, grow, and learn in their own unique way. 


Team Challenge

Our Challenges are open-ended and enable students to learn and experience the creative process while fostering their creativity, curiosity and courage.

  • Technical Challenge: Engineering, Research, & Strategic Planning
  • Scientific Challenge: Research and Scientific Curiosity
  • Engineering Challenge: Design, Build, and Test Load-Bearing Structures
  • Fine Arts: Artistic Media, Theater Arts, Script Writing, and Prop Design
  • Improvisational: Research, Spontaneity, and Storytelling
  • Service Learning: Public Service for Real Community Needs
  • Rising Stars: Creative Process and Teamwork

Instant Challenge

The Instant Challenge (IC) requires teams to engage in quick, creative and critical thinking. Don’t be intimidated! We have an Instant Challenge Play Day so your teams have an opportunity to practice a variety of Instant Challenges. 

Work Shops

We offer workshops to help prepare you and your kids for the challenges that DI proffers. 

IC Play Day

Join us for our Instant Challenge Play Day at Eich Middle School on January 12th where you will have the opportunity to practice a variety of instant challenges with your team!

Skills Workshop

Our Skills Workshop allows your kids to practice working with everything from acrylic to zip ties including duct tape, power tools, fabric, PVC pipe and more! 

Ready to start a team?

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