You will need to complete several forms per the instructions in your challenge:

  1. The Tournament Data Forms specific to your challenge – THIS IS INCLUDED IN YOUR CHALLENGE ( CHECK THE LAST FEW PAGES ). 
  2. Expense Report – CLICK HERE
  3. Declaration of Independence – CLICK HERE
  4. Release forms for TEAM MEMBERS ( CLICK HERE ) and MANAGERS ( CLICK HERE )

All paperwork is required at the tournament, so as a team manager, do yourself and your team a big favor and start working on this now! Please don’t wait until the very last minute to handle this important piece of getting ready for the tournament!

Instructions for completing the forms are included on the challenge-specific data form, so please read these carefully.  Also, there is some additional help, especially around the expense report included in the Rules of the Road.  They are pretty self-explanatory, but every year teams show up with missing paperwork, so don’t let that be your team!