Tournament Page

Everything that you need to know about this year’s tournament!

  • Where?     Norton Science & Language Academy, 230 S. Waterman Ave, San Bernardino
  • When?      SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24th
  • When does my team perform?      2024 LADI Land Tournament Schedule FINAL
  • Is there a map of the site?     LADI Land – 2024 Tournament Map
  • Will there be food available on campus?        YOU BET!  FOOD TRUCKS WILL BE ON SITE
  • What time is closing ceremonies?        TEAM PARADE STARTS AT 4:30.  PARENTS CAN BEGIN SEATING AT 4:15.
  • Can friends and neighbors come to see my team?        ABSOLUTELY.  THE TOURNAMENT IS OPEN TO YOUR GUESTS AS WEL

Please find links to Tournament info and scores from previous years’ tournaments below:

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