Activity Description
Form a team 7 or fewer kids (with diverse backgrounds and skills)
You can start even with 2 kids.
Identify a Team Manager It should be you; you’re reading this document.
Identify a co-Team Manager Not mandatory, but quite helpful
Register your team at Destination Imagination Purchase a Team Number

  • Your affiliate is California
  • Your region is Best of the Bay
  • Your organization could be your child’s school or school district
  • Team name comes later
Attend Team Manager training  This is a fun, hands-on day which will immerse you in DI tools, techniques and approaches.  It is a full day (approx 9-4) in Walnut Creek, and will really give you a flavor of DI and how to work with your team. Check the calendar for dates. Register here soon!
Meet Parents This can be done at pickup after a team meeting, or whenever works for you (do not delay starting your regular team meeting if you find it challenging to schedule the parents!).  The purpose of this meeting is to orient families as to what to expect/how things will work, talk about how each family will support the team, how you will organize yourselves, etc.
Identify appraisers & volunteers These can be other parents or friends and family. Identify people for these roles soon!
Team Meetings:
Where: Team manager’s house/garage
When: At least once a week, whenever works for the group
Duration: Minimum 2 hours
First few meetings: Build teamwork: Get to know each other, build trust, risk-taking environment
Identify members’ strengths: There are tools in the program materials
Instant Challenges (Continue all season)
  • Plan 2-3 each meeting
  • Download from the internet or buy from DI
  • Building, performance, hybrid, non-verbal communication
  • Take part in IC Day
Preparing the main challenge solution:
Decide on a challenge Reach consensus (do not vote)
Understand the challenge Read the challenge, & re-read the challenge
When in doubt, ask! Clarifications are posted regularly on DI’s website.
Let the creative juices flow!!! Watch out for interference
Let them make mistakes!!! But please make sure they are safe
Getting Ready for the Regional Tournament
Register at California Creativity
Practice, practice, practice
Team Manager Walk Through of Site Check calendar
Complete all paperwork before arriving Makes your life a lot easy this way
Watch other teams perform Enjoy! All of you have worked very hard


To Find a Team, Start a Team or Volunteer in our Region,
Please fill in your details and we’ll get back to you in no time!