Start A Team
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Form A Team

  • Teams are comprised of 2-7 members. The members can be from the same school, different schools or home-schooled. Members can all be in the same grade or different grades. 
  • Host an Information Session at your school. We are here to help!
  • Find one or more adults willing to guide the team.
  • Team Managers are usually parents, but they don’t have to be. Grand parents, teachers, aunts and uncles work too! 
  • A Team Manager must be 18 years or older, and he/she facilitates the team meetings.
  • The best way to make sure that your child participates on a Destination Imagination team is to take the initiative to be a Team Manager

Before you meet with the kids you need to get organized. Make sure you have the help you need before your first team meeting.

Hold a Parent Meeting:

  • Hold a parent meeting to set goals, dates, times and get help!
  • Download the average costs for a team HERE.
  • Recruit your tournament appraiser! All teams must provide 2 trained appraisers and 1 official to participate in our regional tournament. 

Find a meeting Location:

  • Meetings are typically in the homes in our region- can be the team manager or another parent hosting the meeting. They can be held in schools or community rooms based on individual permission.
  • Be sure there is space to work and store team materials

Aug – Oct 

Register Team

All Destination Imagination teams must obtain a team number to participate in the program. A team number also gives you access to DI University (online training) and access to the DI challenge clarification system

  • Purchase your Team Number HERE.
  • The organization name is your school, district or town and your affiliate is California, Region is Best of The Bay.
  • During this step you will be paying $190 per Team (the National + CAL DI Affiliate fees).
  • It is important that you provide your correct email address and telephone number in this step, so that we can contact you!

You must have a team manager account at California DI in order to register and pay for your team to participate in the Best of The Bay regional tournament.

All team managers and appraisers MUST complete a background check. 

  • Register your team into the CA Registration System – MyCALDI HERE.
  • Register the day after you purchased the Team Number to allow for processing.
  • Create an account. (You will need your Team Number and Order Number)
  • Fill out your Background check ASAP (an email will be sent to you as a reminder) 
  • Enter the name and information of Team Manager(s) and Team Members.
  • It is important that you provide your correct email address and telephone number for TMs, so that we can contact you!
  • If have any questions or difficulties with registration contact our California Affiliate Director HERE.


Get Trained

  • Attend BoB TM Training – Highly Recommended! We offer the help you need! This is an interactive hands on training for team managers. Filled with everything you need to start your team off right! We answer all the questions, give helpful tip and then some! Get to know other team managers from your area and share ideas.
  • Register here.

Other trainings – If you just can’t make it to the BoB training sessions there are some other options available. 

Download your Program Materials. Your membership number allows access to the challenge program materials which are available for download a HERE  (under the “Resource” tab, once you’ve set up your account through the Login link). Download the team challenge materials and the team manager materials below .

  • Roadmap
    Roadmap is a Team Manager resource developed to assist you in guiding your team members as they design and execute a challenge solution. Section three (Guiding Your Team) explains the roles you will fill as a Team Manager, gives examples of how to begin solving a Challenge, introduces project management, and provides example meeting agendas. Section three will also point you to other resources available in the roadmap.
  • Rules of the Road
    Rules of the Road is a document that contains all of the rules, procedures, and some of the forms required to participate in a team challenge at a tournament. Regardless of the challenge a team has selected, it is very important for the team members to review the Rules of the Road to learn the details of the challenge experience, to prepare for tournaments, and to make sure the team challenge solution complies with rules and procedures found in the Rules of the Road.

Sept – Oct 

Start Team Meetings

Plan your first team meeting and get your team started on solving the Challenge! 

  • Teams usually meet once per week for 2-3 hours. 
  • Meetings can be held at the home of the team manager, but can also be held elsewhere at parent’s homes, school or community rooms.
  • Your team will need a space in which to store the materials they are using and the things (props, scenery, gadgets, costumes, etc.) that they make.
  • Prepare to have FUN!
  1. Watch the challenge preview videos
  2. Teach your team to be on guard for interference.
  3. Dissect the team challenge.

Monthly from Oct – Feb


Register for Tournament

  • All Team Managers and Appraisers have to have back ground checks.
  • These take 1-2 weeks to clear once application is submitted. 
  • Each of the team managers and appraisers will get the link to register in MyCALDI once the contact information is completed in MyCALDO.
  • Background checks are initiated when each individual registers in MyCALDI.
  • You can not complete Tournament Registration or pay the fee until the Team Manager, any Co-Managers and 2 Appraisers are all cleared for back ground checks. 

All Teams must register to be able to participate in the Regional Tournament 

    • Pay the regional tournament fee of $160 early bird price HERE by Nov 18 2019.
    • The on-time fees are $190 by Dec 6, 2019.
    • The fee will  increase to $240 on Dec 15, 2019. 
    • Allow enough time for your appraiser to reply and complete a background check  (1 -2 weeks) to meet the deadline.

Late Registration ends on Dec 15, 2019

Prepare & Practice

  • Team will need to prepare for the solution and the tournament.
  • Keep reading the Rules of The Road.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice
  • To be sure that our emails don’t end up in your junk folder, add our email address  to your contact list.

  • Thoroughly read emails from your region and state directors, and contact us if you have any questions. 

  • You’ll receive timely reminders and information to help get you through the year. Look for the newsletters. 

Region’s Website: For event information and helpful tips.

Coffee Talks Get timely help and tips from experienced team managers!

CALDI Facebook & BoB Facebook pages: News and Inspiration to help in your journey.

Oct- Feb

Attend Tournament

Best of The Bay Regional Tournament - Feb 22 2020. Come and celebrate your team's hardwork and creativity!! Open for all

Feb 22 2020

Foothills High School, Pleasanton




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