Get Involved

The Best of The Bay Region (BoB) of California DI is a volunteer-run organization. Here are some of the ways that you can get involved and champion creativity.

Site Liaison

Be the advocate for DI and help promote DI within your school or educational institution. Schedule the info sessions and help spread the knowledge of this program in your school community

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Team Manager

Serve as a coordinator and mentor for four to six months as a team develops a unique solution to one of seven open-ended Challenges. Observe as they reach past their limits and experience the creative process.


Spend a day immersed in the celebration of teams as you provide feedback and encouragement for their creativity and innovative Challenge solutions. Training required and will be provided.


Help on the day of the regional tournament running different critical jobs essential for a smooth running of the tournament.

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Team Parent

There are several ways a parent can get involved and help the team. Discuss with your team manager on the different ways you could help.




Appraisers make the tournament possible. They get to experience the excitement and creativity of DI up close and personal. Their job is to award teams every point they are entitled to by their solution presentation. Appraisers must attend a training session and must work at the Regional Tournament. Appraisers must also work the State  Tournament if the team moves on to the State level.

Every competing team is required to provide two Appraisers (or 1 Appraiser and 1 staff member) for the Tournament. 


If you can’t be an Appraiser, consider being a Tournament official.  Officials take care of a multitude of tasks at the tournament. Officials monitor doors, run scores, deliver food and snacks to appraisers, sell concessions, work a photo booth, etc. You can select to work a shift. The shift will be scheduled around your child’s challenge solution presentation.

 Every team is required to provide one Official for the Tournament    


Parents can help a team in numerous ways. If not as an appraiser, a parent can also help run skills workshops, manage technology needs, manage the team budget etc. Discuss with the team manager and ensure you follow the rules of non-interference.


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