Best of The Bay Events

Skills Workshop

Hands on workshop conducted by our very skilled trainer- Jim. This is for team managers to learn engineering skills.

Session is only for Team Managers

Oct 7/ Nov 18

Information Session

Join an information session to find out more about Destination Imagination challenges. We will also form teams. Spread the word to help form teams quicker.

Aug – Oct 2023

Local schools / Online

Virtual Coffee Talks

We are hosting Virtual Coffee Talks for this season. These online chats will focus on one topic and are open to all team managers.

Sep – Feb 2024

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Team Manager Training

An in-person training session that will help new & experienced team managers prepare for their DI journey. Get a jump start to being a team manager.

Sept 16, Sept 30, Oct 21, Nov 4

Appraiser Training

All Teams MUST provide TWO appraisers to compete at the Regional Tournament! We conduct training for appraisers.

  • New: Jan 30, 2024  All: Feb 1, 2024 – Both on Zoom
  • Challenge specific: Week of Feb 3, 2024
  • In person training: Feb 10th, 2024

Online + In-person + Challenge specific training must be attended.

IC Event

A workshop that gives teams a chance to practice their instant challenge skills in a non-competitive environment. There will be a meet with appraisers for feedback

Dec 9

Wells Middle School

TM Site Walkthru

Team managers get an opportunity to visit the venue & the challenge sites as well as meet the regional challenge masters. TMs ONLY. Please view video below before coming for the walkthrough



Regional Tournament

Best of The Bay Regional Tournament - Feb 2024.

Feb 24, 2024

Foothill High School, Pleasanton

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Awards Ceremony

In person awards ceremony

Awards ceremony will be at the end of tournament.

Foothill High School

Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks for participation in the next levels of the tournament.