• Competitive teams need to provide 3 people with the following roles.
    • EITHER: 2 appraisers AND 1 official
    • OR 1 appraiser AND 1 staff member AND 1 official.
  • Rising  Star  teams  need
    • 2  Officials

These roles are vital to have a successful tournament, and they are enjoyable!

Staff Member

‘Staff  Member’ takes  a  role  to  help  run  the  tournament.

See the list posted here and  email  Judy (judylawrie@me.com) if  one  of  your  volunteers  wants  a  specific  job.


‘Appraisers’  evaluate teams  on  tournament  day.

They need to

  • Undergo full  day  of  training (or half day for experienced appraisers)
  • Appraise  on  tournament  day
  • Be  over  18

Competitive  teams  going  on  to  the  State  tournament  must  provide  1  trained experienced  appraiser.

Appraiser  Training  Location will be announced later.


‘Officials’ perform a 3  hour  task,  on  or  before  Tournament  Day. Some examples are door monitor, parking attendant, food prep etc. Tasks are available on Sign Up Genius AFTER the tournament schedule comes out, so you can choose your time.

Regional  Tournament  registration  is  not  complete  until  appraisers  and  volunteers have  accepted  their  positions.

Registration  fees increase over time.


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