Form Due By Description
Commitment form Recommended when you start a team A form to help seek commitment from the parents towards the season

Tournament Waiver Forms

Submit complete Team & Team Managers forms as a set (hard copies only)

General Release- over_18 IC day Liability & photo waiverRequired for every Team Manager including co-Managers
Parental Consent Form- for under 18 IC day Medical Release & photo waiverRequired for every Team Member
Challenge Forms  (Bring to the tournament)
Instructions to download formsIf the link doesn’t work Go to:

  • Login
  • Navigate to Resource Area
  • Log In
  • Select Documents > View
  • Navigate to Challenge Materials > Program Materials> Tournament Data Forms
Expense Report Bring 1 to Tournament
Declaration of Independence Bring 2 to Tournament
Technical Challenge – On Target Bring 5 to Tournament
Scientific Challenge – Medical Mystery Bring 5 to Tournament
Fine Arts Challenge – Game On Bring 5 to Tournament
Improv Challenge – Heads Up Bring 5 to Tournament
Engineering Challenge – Monster Effects Bring 5 to Tournament
Service Learning – Escape Artists Bring 5 to Tournament
Rising Stars Bring 1 to Tournament

Help: You must download the latest version of Adobe Reader to use these forms.  Click HERE to download Adobe Reader.  Make sure to uncheck the install McAfee Security Scan box if you do not want it to be installed on your computer. Depending on how your browser is set up, clicking the link may open the pdf forms instead of downloading them.  You will need to save the pdf files to your computer in order to use them. 

Tip:  The TDF forms autoscale the text to fit into the boxes on the forms.  Do not put so much information into the form that it is difficult to read.  You do your team a disservice if appraisers cannot read the forms.  ML and SL teams must complete these forms themselves.  Team Managers of EL teams can complete the form using (only) the words of the team.