Staff Positions

One tournament staff job may be substituted for one appraiser. Below is listed the staff jobs with a short description of what each job involves. Remember these jobs replace a day of training and a day of appraising. They require a significant time commitment. All are vital to smooth running of the tournament, IC day and appraiser training. The benefit of these jobs is that you get to see your child perform. Please contact Judy Lawrie if interested in a staff position at, with team number and position requested

Set-up/Clean-up CoordinatorHelp coordinate set up of site on the night before tournament, working with Directors and Challenge Masters. Taking photos of rooms "before" they are re-arranged, then on day of tournament using the photos to ensure rooms are put back as we found them. You will have other volunteers to assist both Friday evening and Saturday evening. The job is finished when the site is fully cleaned up and checked, inside and out. We will have everybody on the Friday evening. 2 shifts with 2 coordinators at each shift on the Saturday.Fri Eve Feb 22nd All persons 6pm - 9pm
Day of Tournament Sat February 23rd
Early shift 3pm - 5.30pm 2 people
Late shift 6.30pm - 8.30pm 2 people Times may change, assuming awards ceremony 5.30pm - 6.30pm everyone can attend.
Tournament Appraiser Lounge CoordinatorSet up appraiser lounge for breakfast, make coffee, arrange food (will be in lounge). Set up for lunch (make salad and receive pizza in several timed deliveries). Keep room tidy and food and drinks replenished. Just before end of shift, clean out urns, pack away everything and load into directors car, leaving room clean and tidy.200+ people will be coming through during the day. Day of Tournament Saturday February 23rd 1) - 7am - 1.30pm 2) - 11am - 5.30pm1
Award Ceremony Slideshow CompilerPrior to Tournament coordinate with photographers (via email)
Compile a slide show of the days activities from the photos the photographers bring to you periodically. Put to appropriate music. Have a title page ready for the day. Will need own PC and SD card reader or SD card slot in PC.
Day of Tournament Saturday February 23rd 11 am - 5.30pm1
Tournament PhotographerCoordinate with person compiling the slide show. Photograph teams performing and also candid shots of teams around campus. Check-in with the slide-show coordinator to down load your photo's periodically. Provide own camera and SD cards .Day of Tournament Saturday February 23rd
8 am - 4.30 pm
Photo/Scavenger Hunt CoordinatorDesign a photo based scavenger type hunt or game activity to give teams an activity to do especially try to make teams watch performances and chat with other teams. Implement it on day of tournament.
Solicit prizes from local businesses.
Ready by end of January1
ParkingCoordinate the various prop drop off sites, ensure no parking at these sites through out the day. Coordinate general parking in parking lots. You will have several rotating volunteers to assist with covering all these areas through out the day. Requires Fri night site visit. 2 shifts on Saturday, 2 persons each shiftFri night site visit Feb 22 1 hr 7-8pm all persons
Day of Tournament Saturday February 23rd Shift 1 7am - 1pm
Shift 2 11am - 5pm
FloaterBe available at Registration area for any needed fill in job, odd job, or errand needed through out the day. Must be available in registration area for whole shift. Day of Tournament Saturday February 23rd 8am - 4.30pm1