News 2017-18 – Archive

This is an archive from prior seasons. For current season refer to News

Important Tournament Information: BoB issue 6 201718.

BoB Bulletin Feb15-18

BoB Bulletin Feb5-18

BoB issue 201718.5

BoB Bulletin Dec12-17

BoB Bulletin Nov14-17

BoB Bulletin Nov3-17

BoB issue 201718.3

BoB Bulletin T-shirt Comp

BoB issue 201718.2

Challenge Webinars are available:

Please visit Cal DI website for registering for the challenge webinars if you haven’t done so yet!


T-Shirt Contest Winner:

Congratulations Sathvika Sitaraman from Windemere Ranch Middle School for submitting this year’s winning T-shirt design!


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