Processing Page 3 of the Tournament Data Form at California Tournaments

Tournament Policy Change: This policy has been developed and approved by the California Affiliate Challenge Masters.

Background: The Tournament Data Form (TDF) includes a new Page 3 which teams should use to reflect on the creative process they experienced when solving the Challenge. The Challenge requires teams to bring one copy of Page 3 to the Tournament. (Note that they must bring five copies of Page 1 and Page 2 of the TDF to the Tournament.)  A Published Clarification was issued for each of the 2013-14 Team Challenges on September 10, 2013, explaining, in part, that the TDF is for information only and is not scored. (All program participants need to check the Published Clarifications regularly at

Concerns:  While we believe it is important for teams to reflect on their DI experience, the information on Page 3 of the TDF does not provide information that is needed by Appraisers to fairly score the team’s presentation. Furthermore, we are concerned that this information could skew an Appraiser’s opinion of the team and, perhaps unconsciously, affect their scores independent of the team’s Performance.

Policy: If time permits, the Prep Area Appraiser may review Page 3 of the TDF with the team, reinforcing the lessons that they have learned and praising them for the work they have done solving the Challenge. Page 3 of the TDF will be put into the score envelope and not shared with any other members of the Appraisal team. If Page 3 of the TDF is missing or incomplete, the Prep Area Appraiser may encourage the team to use it after the tournament to reflect on their experience of the creative process. No comment will be made about missing or incomplete Part 3 of the TDF to other Appraisers.