California Destination Imagination
Mission, Vision, Values
Statement of Social and Cultural Equity


To empower California students to be curious learners, courageous innovators, and inspirational leaders.


A California where all youth have the Courage to Imagine boldly and the Perseverance and Skills to change the world.


Creativity – from Imagination through Innovation.

Apply – teamwork and collaboration, as we better together than alone.

Learning – lifelong and valued, through success and failure.

Diversity – appreciate and celebrate differences, in others and in ideas.

Integrity – beyond reproach. 

CALDI Regional Tournament

Statement of Social and Cultural Equity:

California Destination Imagination’s Mission and Vision apply to California youth of all racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. CalDI recognizes the challenges we all face in the journey to social and cultural equity and practice.  Our programs promote teamwork, collaboration, and acceptance.  We develop youth to value diversity, equity, and inclusion. These youth can then help pave the road to a more equitable and just society.