California Destination Imagination Mission, Vision, and Values
Statement of Social and Cultural Equity


To empower California students to be curious learners, courageous innovators, and inspirational leaders.


A California where all youth have the Courage to Imagine boldly and the Perseverance and Skills to change the world.


Creativity – from Imagination through Innovation.

Apply – teamwork and collaboration, as we are better together than alone.

Learning – lifelong and valued, through success and failure.

Diversity – appreciate and celebrate differences, in others and in ideas.

Integrity – beyond reproach. 

Statement of Social and Cultural Equity

CALDI Regional Tournament

California Destination Imagination (CalDI) recognizes the challenges we all face in the journey to social and cultural equity, inclusion, and belonging for all people. CalDI embracesthese goals and champions them through policy, values, and practice.

Our Vision is to give all youth the courage to imagine boldly and the perseverance and skills to change the world. To achieve our Vision for the youth we serve as well for the organization we must provide a diverse and inclusive environment in which participants and volunteers can engage and grow together. Through continued determination and focus, CalDI will function as an equitable and inclusive organization, affirming our core values of creativity, teamwork, collaboration, learning, diversity, and integrity. It is only when we apply the diverse skills of everyone that we can be at our best to help to change the world.

Our core program, Destination Imagination, promotes teamwork, collaboration, and acceptance. Our collective collaborative skills are needed now, more than ever, as we work together to achieve the goals of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging at every level of our organization. Creativity and learning are enhanced when we consider perspectives that are different from our own. We embrace the call and the responsibility to co-create an inclusive community in which allparticipants can thrive.