Ignite Fund Raising Campaign Update

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    • CA Destination Imagination’s Ignite Fund Raising Campaign Has Raised $15,300!!
      • We have raised 56% of our goal!!
      • We received $5,000 in matching funds.
      • Help us bring DI to more CA students!
      • We are growing 10%+ a year, but we need to do more!!!
    • We are well on our way to a successful campaign!! We need to provide: *
      • A new professional-looking website that serves all manner of education – traditional schooling, after schooling, home & charter schools, and early learner’s education.
      • Continued marketing efforts to “get the DI word out there.”
      • Marketing assistance in California DI’s 7 Regions
      • Exhibiting, speaking and conducting workshops at CA school conferences.
      • Making CADI a recognized name throughout CA.
      • Letting educators know that CADI is Common Core and STEM compliant. Please Donate Now
    • Only $9,700 more to go!! Help FUEL the last part of the $25,000! THANK YOU to the many who have so generously given already. Help put us “OVER THE TOP” – Donate Now