Identifying the Team Manager

All Teams MUST identify their Team Manager in the DI Resource Area

Directions and screenshots are below.

If you have any trouble please contact your Regional Director.

  1. Login to the system using your DI password and username.
  2. If you haven’t been there before please create an account first.

3. Once logged in click the MyTeams item in the menu.
Choose add a team from the drop down menu.

4. Under Actions click on Add Team

5. Enter your Team number and order number


Enter your team number and postal zip code

and follow the directions to add a team manager

This information will be automatically added to your MyCALDI account by the next day.

California DI uses this information as the primary contact for the Team.

Please try and use the same email address and phone number for all DI and CALDI accounts and your background check.

Remember that school email accounts are often blocked so please use your home email address.

Thank you!