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Destination Imagination is a project-based, school-friendly program that builds participants’ creativity, problem solving, and teamwork in enjoyable and meaningful ways. Destination Imagination teaches the process from Imagination to Innovation

The goals of Destination Imagination are for participants to:

  • Foster creative and critical thinking
  • Learn and apply Creative Problem Solving method and tools
  • Develop teamwork, collaboration, and leadership skills
  • Nurture research and inquiry skills, involving both creative exploration and attention to detail
  • Enhance and apply written and verbal communication and presentation skills (both impromptu and sustained)
  • Promote the recognition, use, and development of many and varied strengths and talents
  • Encourage competence in, enthusiasm for, and commitment to real-life problem solving
  • Develops the skills needed to meet the requirements of  21st Century Skills, Common Core, and STEAM


The opportunities you give your students impact them on a daily basis and provide them with knowledge and experience that can last a lifetime. At Destination Imagination, we realize the challenges and struggles teachers face and we are committed to providing affordable, life-changing programs to aid you on your mission to inspire and awaken your learners’ passion, creativity and intellect.

Our programs are project-based and blend STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) with the arts and social entrepreneurship. They are not only engaging, fun and inclusive, but also encourage kids to have fun, take risks, work with others and build on their personal strengths. Each child finds his or her place within the team and is able discover and display unique abilities and talents in ways they may never have imagined.

From our Early Learning program (STEM & Literacy Pathways) to our popular Team Challenge program to our Instant Challenge books, we have an array of academic programming designed to fit your classroom’s needs.


Destination Imagination’s programs teach kids how to work in teams during or after school to solve fun, hands-on academic challenges and help them improve their self-confidence, communication and problem solving skills. Our participants form strong bonds with their teammates and often build friendships that can last a lifetime.

  • Students who participate in DI learn to focus, think creatively and critically, and test well.
  • The program is curriculum compliant and focuses on STEM and Arts education.
  • Students learn how to self-assess and become better at understanding their strengths and working on their weaknesses.
  • Kids have fun learning, and many continue the program throughout the remainder of their education.

To learn more about the program and how you can provide your students with this enriching opportunity, call 1.858-864-7172 or email for more information.



  • Young people of similar age, Rising Stars! (preschool -second grade), Elementary  (K-5), Middle (6-8), HS (9-12) and University (College),  work on teams of 2-7 members over an 8-12 week period
  • No Interference is allowed from anyone outside of the team
  • Adult Team Managers act as facilitators to a team
  • Team Manager training is provided by experienced trainers in all 58 Affiliates
  • Problem solving skills are cultivated by using Tools
  • Teamwork is developed by using the eight building blocks for successful teams
  • Creativity is appreciated by Team- and Instant Challenges that are open ended
  • Individual and team strengths are promoted by “Team Choices”; based on Multiple Intelligence Theory
  • Instant Challenges engage participants in rapid-fire critical thinking
  • Team Challenges engage participants in sustained problem solving


  • Tournaments are a celebration of what the team HAS accomplished and the PROCESS learned
  • Solutions are evaluated and Reward Points are a component of Instant and TeamChallenges
  • Appraisers are trained to reward the PROCESS that the team has experienced
  • Tournament Data Forms provide opportunity for teams to culminate their experience
  • Special Awards are given for exceptional creativity, teamwork, and innovation
  • At the end of the Destination Imagination® season, teams have an active reflection time


  • Improve in creative and critical thinking
  • Explore their curiosity
  • Build on their unique strengths
  • Learn how to design and manage a project
  • Have FUN!
  • Team Work
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Learn to take risks!
  • Take pride in their own work
  • Failure is OK, you just need to try again


The Creative Process

Creative Problem Solving Process and Project Based Leaning is a presentation examining the relationship between the Creative Solving Process taught by the Destination Imagination program and the Project Based Learning found in 21st Century Skills, STEAM and Common Core.

For a copy of the presentation, click here: Creative Process and Project Based Learning


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