State Tournament Bulletin No.1

Sent to Team Managers March 11, 2015

This is the first bulletin concerning the California Destination Imagination State Tournament at the Riverside Convention Center.  These bulletins will contain important information about the Tournament.  All the information contained in these bulletins can also be found at

State T-Shirts:

  • Order your state t-shirts at before Midnight, Thursday March 19.
  • You shirts will be available the at convention center at the DI Store.
  • Order now.  If you buy them the day of the tournament, there will be a very limited selection of sizes.

Site Considerations:

  • Pop-Ups and Ice Chests — Limit the Pop Ups to the paved square in in front of the lower concourse and in the designated parking lot area near the Structure, Making Waves and Project Outreach Prop Drop Off location.  These areas will be marked on the maps that will be posted on by this weekend.
  • Please refrain from walking on the grass areas.
  • Regular balloons are allowed but lighter than air balloons such as helium balloons are not.
  • The Convention Center will open for team registration at 6:45 am on Saturday, March 28.
  • A complete schedule will be posted on the State Tournament  website by this weekend.
  • The lights at all challenge presentation sites will stay on during the presentations.
  • All challenge sites are carpeted with dense commercial carpeting.

Awards Ceremony:

  • The doors will open at 5:30 pm and the Ceremony will start at 6:00 pm.
  • Instead of still pictures, there will be a video with interviews, video clips and stills.  This is being produced the by former DI team, “The Other Team.”  You will see them around the tournament, with their video and still cameras.  The  video and stills will be posted on the State Tournament website after the tournament.
  • The Special Awards will be presented at the end of the ceremony which will include DI Vinci, Renaissance, and Spirit of DI Awards.
  • More details will be posted on the website as they become available

Appraiser and Volunteer Requirement: There has been some confusion concerning this requirement and the consequences if the requirement is not fulfilled.

  • All teams are required to provide a trained appraiser and a volunteer for the tournament.
  • If a team does not provide an appraiser  the team will be allowed to present at the tournament and be evaluated by the appraisal team and will receive raw scores. However the team will me marked as non compete in the the score room.  Only the Score Room will know the team is not competing and the team will not be eligible for advancement to the next level .
  • If a team volunteer fails to complete their assignment, the team will be notified and given an opportunity the replace the volunteer.  If the team fails to provide a replacement, the team will be marked as non compete and will not be eligible for advancement to the next level and they will only receive raw scores.

About Global Finals

  • First, Second, and Third Place teams will be invited to participate in Global Finals 2015 at Knoxville TN, The week of May 18th.
  • information on what Global Finals is and its cost, visit the GlobalFinals website. 
  • There will be a short  Global Bound Team Managers after the State Finals Awards Ceremony.