State Tournament Bulletin # 4

Today I have received a few calls concerning Pop-Ups.  Just as a clarification, Pop-Ups are NOT required in any way.  We are providing a place for the few who choose to bring Pop-Ups.  The vast majority of team do not bring Pop-Ups.

When you arrive at the tournament, the first thing you should to is register your team at DI-Central.  That way we know you have arrived.  We also have name tags for team managers and challenge specific maps with instruction for each challenge site for you.  Please go to DI-Central for team registration as soon as you arrive.

A note about Prop Unloading.  Please unload your props and then move them from the unloading area.  Once your props are unloaded, move your vehicle out of the Unloading Area.

See you on Saturday.

Dick Pinney

Executive Director