State Tournament Bulletin # 3

Good Day,

As we are in the final “We”ll Never Make It!!” time, checking the “Travel Guide for Teams,” and the Team Manager’s Check List are good documents to review. They are available at

I have posted an updated volunteer list. Please check it out on the Website.

When you get to the tournament it is very important to follow instructions concerning team flow to and from the challenge sites.  The maps in the packet you will receive at site registration, gives you instructions as to the flow of teams to from their challenge sites.  We had much congestion last year in the hallways to and from the challenge sites.  Please follow the instructions.  Copies of these maps can also be found at

I have received a few questions about IC this year. Teams will gather at the “IC check in” at their appointed check in time. IC Check In is located near the flag poles outside of the Convention Center. It is a 10 x 20 pop-up tent. Once the team checks in, the team manager and the team will be escorted to inside holding at the Hyatt. No family and friends are allow at the Hyatt. The parents and friends can wait for the team to return from the Hyatt in the TA-DA area in the plaza off the lower concourse.

Please put your pop-ups in the Pop Up area. Please do not dump you cooler on the grass. Lastly Chill, celebrate and alway remember PMA not NMA!!! Positive mental attitude goes a long way. Have fun!!!
Have a great Tournament and see you in a few days.

Dick Pinney
Executive Director
California Destination ImagiNation
858-672-4167 (FAX)