State Tournament Bulletin No. 2

Hi Everyone,

I just came back from a pre-conference meeting with the staff of the Riverside Convention Center. Plans are being finalized and this year the State Finals are going be a great celebration of the creative process. I have put together some questions and answers that have come up the the past few weeks. Before I do that I want to remind you that TONIGHT IS THE LAST NIGHT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ORDER STATE T-SHIRTS ONLINE.

Q. Will my team be able to set up pop-ups on the lawn and in front of the convention center?

A. The only place you will be allowed to set up pop-ups is in pop-up city next to the prop unloading area for Making Waves, Lose to Win and Brand Aid.

Q. Will we be able to bring coolers, food, and drink into the Convention Center?

A. No leave the coolers in you trunk or in the pop-up city. If the cooler is part of you challenge solution, it is allowed in the Convention Center.

Q. Where should we dispose of the ice from our ice chests?

A. Please dispose of the ice near drains on the cement or parking lot surfaces. If you dispose of ice on the lawn, you will damage the grass.

Q. Will we be allowed to use dry ice in our challenge solution?

A. Yes, dry ice is allowed but be sure it handled properly and with adult supervision pre and post challenge solution presentation.

Q. Will we be able to dim the lights in the challenge venue?

A. No, the lights will remain up during all challenge presentations.

Q. Will we be able to use lighter that air balloons (i.e. helium filled)?

A. No, only balloons filled with air will be allowed.

Q. Will The Creature Feature Elementary Level — Purple and Creature Feature Elementary Level — Orange send three teams from the combination of both flights?

A. No, Purple and Orange Flights each will send the the top three place teams to globals. The same is true for Feary Tales Elementary Purple and Orange Flights.

Q. Will friends and parents be able to follow teams into the Instant Challenge Inside Holding in the Hyatt?

A. Friends and parents can wait for their teams to return from IC in the the TA DA area near the IC outside check in. To avoid congestion, we are asking all parents and friends not go to the Hyatt.

Q. When will the awards ceremony start?

A. The awards ceremony will start at 6:00 pm The doors will open at 5:30. We ask that teams sit in front and reserve the chairs for spectators.

Please visit the website for additional information as it comes available. Today the volunteer schedule was posted and tomorrow morning, maps showing the traffic flow for each of the challenges will be posted.

Another bulletin will be sent next Tuesday.

Have a safe trip to Riverside and be ready of a great day of the celebration of the creative process.

The best to you, your teams, parents, and supporters!!!!