2015 State Tournament Results

Pictures of Winning Teams


Special Awards

The Renaissance Award
Team: DInamite, 105-99948
Team Challenge: Creature Feature ML

This team brought the Trojan War to life with a superb blend of technology and creativity. Using Catapults, dry ice, simulated fire and a captivating story, the audience felt like we were there in the battle and communicating with the Greeks using the newly invented “horse code.”

The Renaissance Award
Team: Spare Change 105-39229
Team Challenge: Feary Tales SL

This team displayed exceptional engineering and design skills. Their illusion design was at least 8 ft. high, allowing the fairy to appear and disappear using an impressive pulley system. This system was so creatively engineered that only 1/4 of the fairy’s weight had to be pulled. This doesn’t even mention their beautiful textured tee with a gigantic realistic face and house made of recycled boxes for a roof.

The Renaissance Award
Team: Off on a Tangent, 105-91998
Team Challenge: Improv Games ML

This team not only did a fantastic job of incorporating the assigned elements of the challenge into an engaging and well integrated performance. They also chose to integrate science into their story lines. For example, in one sketch they pretended to be molecules interacting with other elements. We are nominating them for exceptional performance because they so expertly and imaginatively inserted science into creative and artistic improv performances.

The Renaissance Award
Team: Duck Tape Divas, 105-22614
TC: Improv Games ML

The girls heavily researched the process of fire breathing, and in their performance they didn’t just integrate it, they explained in depth how fire breathing works. They used this street performance, as well as singing a love ballad, to get boyfriends. Their performance was very lively and the girls managed to be extremely convincing without the use of props. As one girl blew fire, the other reacted in perfect time, so the appraisers could really “see” the fire breathing. Their acting was very thorough and advanced, so everything they did made it easy to see the props and scenery around them. The whole audience was completely consumed in their hilarious performance.

The Renaissance Award
Team: DI Doctors 105-36124
TC: Lose to Win EL

This team demonstrated amazing engineering and creativity when planning and constructing their structure and removal device. Tis team’s structure was made of wooden moveable joints, which allowed removal of an amazing 85% of its original weight. The removal device was simple and elegant, consisting of a pole with a team-welded screw attached that unscrewed the pins holding the structure together, leaving only two supporting pieces. The team used many skills including welding, sanding, drilling and carving, to achieve this unique structure and one-of-a-kind removal device that worked together in perfect harmony. The Renaissance award for outstanding engineering goes to the DI Doctors.

Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award
Team: Dream Big, 105-07344
TC: Lose to Win EL

This team arrived at the structure check-in area with a misconception that resulted in an illegal structure. Deflated but not daunted, they embarked on their first instant challenge of the day — a complete “re-do” of their structure in 20 minutes which resulted not only in a successful legal structure, but one that held up after removing 73% of its original weight. Showing the Spirit of DI, this award goes to: Dream Big.

Descriptions of the special awards