Justin Kissel Scholarship

Justin Kissel was a giant among us! He gave his time and energy freely and unconditionally to our community and numerous charitable organizations. Justin never knew a stranger. He was always looking for ways to assist others and make their lives easier. Justin was quick to volunteer to help anyone, even the friends he had yet to meet. If a job needed doing Justin was ready and willing to see that it was accomplished, always exceeding anyone else’s expectations. No matter how early, late, or long he worked, Justin always had a smile and joke to share. He was happy to be helping those around him, and expected nothing in return, other than the pleasure of spending time with his friends. Since Justin enjoyed a good challenge, he accepted the tremendous task of training the Regional Score Room Challenge Masters as well as organizing and running the Score Room for the California Creativity State Tournament from 1999 through 2001. He did this with style, grace, and wisdom far beyond his 17 years. Justin had a quick wit and charm that he shared with us all. As a State Challenge Master, Volunteer, and Friend, Justin was impressive and a true inspiration to all who knew him. He gave selflessly and generously to society and our community until his untimely passing December 24, 2002.

This scholarship has been established to assist one or more deserving students achieve their educational goals. Adults are encouraged to nominate students they perceive to be walking in Justin’s footsteps – those of a giant volunteer.


  • California high school seniors seeking, or college/university students continuing, a post-secondary education.
  • Students who have volunteered their time and energy for their community and California Creativity, Inc.
  • Previous recipients are not eligible.

Selection Criteria

  • Nominated by an adult.
  • Recommended by a California Regional or Affiliate Director.
  • Recipients will be chosen based on their extraordinary service to their community and California Creativity, Inc.


  • Nominations for the 2019 Justin Kissel Scholarship should be submitted to:
    • California Creativity Scholarship Committee
      C/O Mary Jane Campbell
      3681 Kendra Way
      San Jose, CA 95130-1330
    • Or electronically to
  • The Scholarship Committee must receive nominations no later than two weeks prior to the California Affiliate Tournament. Please include a photograph of the Nominee that can be used in the Tournament Slide Show. Nominations for the 2019 Justin Kissel Scholarship are due March 23, 2019. 
  • The Scholarship Committee will review all nominations in order to select one or more qualified recipient(s). This Scholarship may not necessarily be awarded every year, at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.
  • Recipients will be recognized at the California Affiliate Tournament Closing Ceremony. Recipients that are not present will be notified after the tournament.

2019_Kissel_Scholarship_Nomination_Form_Final (pdf)

2019_Kissel_Scholarship_Nomination_Form_Final  (doc)

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