The CALDI Team

People who make Destination Imagination
happen for the kids in California

Who We Are

Affiliate Directors

Destination Imagination California (CALDI) manages and facilitates the Destination Imagination program throughout California. We are an all-volunteer organization comprised of people from all backgrounds who have been touched by the Destination Imagination program in some way—whether as former participants, team managers, appraisers, or parents and friends.

CALDI is organized into seven geographic regions. Within each region, a Regional Operating Committee exists to facilitate trainings for Team Managers, execute Regional Tournaments, and other activities to support the program. The CALDI Affiliate Board oversees all Regional activity to ensure consistency across California. The Affiliate Board, comprised of volunteers from each Region, also is responsible for the Destination Imagination California Affiliate Finals, the statewide tournament where the leading teams from each region showcase their solutions and compete for the chance to represent California at the annual Destination Imagination Global Finals.

Dick Pinney

Affiliate Director

Genee McMahon

Associate Affiliate Director

State Staff

Mary Spellerberg

Affiliate Appraiser Coordinator

Rosemary Bognar Pinney

Affiliate Accountant

Jordy Goldstein

Director Of Challenges

Neil McMahon

Affiliate Tournament Director

Kathy McBride

Affiliate Tournament Director

Robbin Guy


Affiliate Marketing Director


Affiliate Publicity Director


Region Directors

Lynda Kubota

San Joaquin Valley

Mary Jane Campbell

Silicon Valley

Shelley Larkin

Waves to Dunes

Affiliate Challenge Masters

Bob Burns
& Allison Waltberg

Technical Challenge

Jordy Goldstein
& Ryan Huber

Scientific Challenge

Doug DeFrees
& Rick Sale

Fine Arts Challenge

Lisa Phillips
& Marshall Rainey

Improvisational Challenge

Shirley Gold