California GuarDIan

As a Native American symbol, the bear is as free in spirit as the great wind, and as grand as the universe in which it lives. The bear is a guardian of courage, protection, freedom, resourcefulness and occasionally unpredictability. Like the bear you have shown great commitment to our program and championed creativity, the thirst for knowledge, teamwork and kindness. 

Thank you CALDI GuarDIans!

2019 California Guardian Recipients

Best of the Bay

Judy Lawrie
Vaish Ram
Beth McCarthy
Salve Maiorano

Central Coast

Elizabeth Barrett
Michelle Berlin
Jennifer Bowen
Eddie Aurand


Kathy Folk
Victoria Kessler-Perry
Neil McMahon
Genee McMahon
Henk Oolders
Mary Oolders


Shelley Larkin
Karen Reid
Jane Murnane
Janell Dale
Kazia Hart
Deb Haag
Jonny Davis

San Joaquin Valley Region

Lynda Kubota
Christopher Piotrowski
Crystal Piotrowski
Kim Dyck
Michelle Piotrowski
Richard Kissel
Sharon Kissel
Steve Downs
Trinity Navarro

Silicon Valley

Mary Jane Campbell
Ivy Orcutt
Alan Orcutt
Peter Shepherd
Jim McCarthy
Lynn Macey
Bob Burns
Steve Shearer
Kris Shearer

Waves to Dunes

Robbin Guy
Dan Smith
Sue Lederman
Bobbie Thibault
April Sayegh