Student-led, personalized learning

Kids work in teams where all voices matter


Reinforces what kids learn in class

This school year, how will you help your child stay engaged in learning?

Whether you’re a parent, educator, or volunteer who works with young people, you want nothing but the best for your kids. Especially now, when school communities like yours face so much uncertainty. Don’t let the uncertainty interrupt your children’s education—and your lives. Kids deserve to continue growing and learning.

Destination Imagination (DI) can help…

DI offers an experience, customized for distance learning, through which—as one parent told us—kids find their superpowers. Working in teams to solve STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) Challenges, quiet children come alive. Kids who like things their way realize how much better their ideas are with input from their teammates. And if your child hasn’t found his or her niche yet? No problem. DI introduces kids to a wide range of ideas, skills, and techniques while solving Challenges their way.

You Can Create a DI Team

Our 2023-24 STEAM-based Challenges are designed to prepare kids for the future of work by instilling these skills:


STEAM-based challenges that students solve in teams.


Kids blossom developing ideas that build on what they learn in school.


Each student has a voice and space to develop unique abilities and talents.


Team members make all the decisions and even manage the budget.