Don't forget to Claim your Team after Purchase & Identify your Team Manager

Go to Shop DI​

Click on the Challenge type that you want to purchase. 

  • Team Challenges is for the Competitive Challenge Program.
  • Rising Stars is the non-competitive program for grades PK – 2.
  • Pathway is a separate program for 3-6 year olds. 

Add Team to cart

Accept the terms and add to cart.

• Your Organization Name is your school, district or town.

• Your Affiliate is California.


After choosing the California Affiliate and adding the item to your cart, a higher price will appear. Teams in the state of California pay $190 for Rising Stars! materials and $190 for competitive Challenge materials.

Login to the Resource Area

You need to create an account to purchase materials. 

If you are a returning team manager, log in using your  existing account information.


Create a new account. 

Please use your legal name.

  • Background checks for Team Managers are tracked using your legal name. To make the process easy, please use your legal name when purchasing materials, registering and for background checks.
  • It is important that the name and email you use in this step are the same as you enter when you register your team with California at MyCALDI.

Proceed to checkout

The fee for California Teams is $190.

Finish the Checkout process

Make sure your information is correct. 


Before you leave please claim your Team
and enter the team managers name and information!