We congratulate all of the CALDI scholarship winners on receiving these well deserved honors

2020 California Creativity Essay Scholarship Recipient

Caroline Liebe

California Creativity Essay Scholarship Applicants submit a Creative Essay that highlights at least one way they have used the skills they gained by participating on a Destination Imagination team in their everyday life. We are excited to announce this year’s CALDI Scholarship Winners. 

This year’s recipient,  Caroline Liebe, highlighted how she has learned “to think outside of the box.” She takes common items that are easily available and uses them in innovative ways to solve challenges she encounters in her everyday life.

We look forward to seeing where her creative “out of the box” thinking takes her!

CALDI Scholarship Recipients

California Creativity Essay Scholarship

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Justin Kissel Scholarship

2019  Sara Smith

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2017  Alexis Franklin

2016  Griffin Berlin

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