How to become an Appraiser so your Team can compete in California Tournaments!

All Appraisers MUST complete a CALDI background Check.

  • Please Use your full legal name.
  • Enter the legal name and contact information that will be the same as what as you use for  CALDI registration.
  • Get the Background check ASAP. Until your check is complete the Team may not register for the Tournament.

Review Appraiser Materials

  • Review the Appraiser Page to understand the process.
  • Review the different types of Appraiser positions.
  • Review the Challenge Materials for your assigned challenge to appraise. You will be notified by your Region before training.
  •  Review any other training materials sent to you by the Region.

Appraiser Training

All Appraisers MUST attend training. Your Team will not be allowed to compete if you do not attend training.

Sign up for one of the Appraiser Training sessions HERE and check with your Region for any additional information.